A New Generation

Breakthroughs in Critical Thinking: A Young Generation Not Defined by the Holocaust A Little Background: Williamsburg is a mix of Satmar Hassidim from neighboring countries from the Austrio-Hungarian area which now reside on… Continue reading

Trend vs. Lifestyle

Where is the distinction between  trend and lifestyle? Follow my continued research on Hipsters and Hassids illustrating all the way.

Evolution of the Hipster

View it in full HERE.

Effects of Fashion Trends on Both Sides

mottel RT @pdberger: PR’s instructions for finding story contact in W’burg: “He is a chassid and wears a long black coat with a beard.” <- Ha! jameskchou I am too cool for life,… Continue reading

Hassidic Williamsburg

Insiders and Outsiders

 Body language tells a great deal about a person. I entered North and South Williamsburg as an outsider. Walking on Lee Avenue or Bedford I could tell right away that there is a… Continue reading


RasDev If I don’t blow dry my hair properly I get Hassidic Jew curls – sans hat… digitaldentist Best line heard so far at the GNYDM, “I didn’t know they have Amish in… Continue reading

Hassid dancing the robot

Hassid dancing the robot at Tunisian/Handurus Jewish wedding in Monsey, NY. My life is complete.

Hipsters from Florida got lost

Hipsters from Florida got lost on their way to Union Hall. They exclaim, “f-ing iphones!” http://hipstersandhassids.blogspot.com


Hassidim arrange marriages. Its not so hard when you dont allow your kids to express their individual personalities. Hipsters choose their mate. It can be really hard to find the right one when… Continue reading