The First Hassidim Discussed vs. Hassidim of Today

Revised: December 26, 2009 “The Chassidic movement of the second Temple period are noted for their avoidance of damage to others…” read more–> ” Rabbi Yosi would say:Your friend’s money should be as… Continue reading

Vacuum with an iPod dock – Hipster concept, but for Hassidic housewives?

A vacum cleaner that is more like a stereo/cleaning -made-fun solution made by Electrolux. Targeted towards young hip types who would rather dance to their ipod than clean house. I’m proposing that this… Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons Hipsters and Hassids (from Williamsburg) are Similar

10. Mad beards9. Vintage apparel8. Think they are #1. Everyone else is mediocre.7. Obsessed with everyone in their posse looking alike6. Always have apartment issues, either as tenant or landlord5. Exploit technology to… Continue reading

The key 2being funny is

The key 2being funny is being specific. (Writing top 10 reasons y hipsters and hassids r so similar) reply 2 shout ur ideas

Nude Cyclists Cover Up, Protesters “Blame the Weather”

Bicyclists who planned to go topless to protest the removal of a Brooklyn bike lane switched gears Saturday, pinning plastic breasts to their jackets as they rolled into a snowstorm. Dozens of bikers… Continue reading

Camera Obscura

Hipstery Hipsterness for the Hipster travel channel

Waiting for the G train at Metropolitan and Grand sts.

The rhythm and harmonica is reminicent of Bob Dylan. A young man tosses the musician a coin. his contemporaries clap when the song finishes. I was surprised that the other people waiting for… Continue reading

Good Tweets

aleyacb Hasid on the corner just asked me if I was Jewish. He was young but… you know… still. constance182 Saw a hipster. On a fixie. Yelled, “look at that fucking hipster“  … Continue reading

Hipster Rap: Does it have merit?

“I think we owe it to this next generation to set aside our dismay at their fashion sense and judge each one on the merits of their music.”

Seth Bronstein Passes the Baton

“You have to get together with people who even are opposed to you. Thats how you grow, thats how you strike.” – Seth Bronstein Interview with Seth Bronstein who founded Hassid meets Hipster… Continue reading