Guest Post from a Hasid Neighbor of Yours

I would like to address some misconceptions about us, that I think exists in the mind of some of our neighbors. Maybe I am generalizing a bit, someone correct me if I’m wrong. We… Continue reading

Food Stamps Don’t Discriminate

Both Hsters and Hsids have no shame when it comes to living off government funded support systems and getting all they can grab. I’m a semi-starving artist and WISH I had the stamps,… Continue reading

Jewish Office Space

Computer Smashing Ceremony at Yeshiva Machane

Hipsters and Hassids Gallery Show. Literally.

Infestation Advice. Do you have Hipsters?

six point star playing at the jewish music cafe in brooklyn

The Jewish Music Cafe in Parkslope,

Freilichin Purim!

Happy  Purim from Hipsters and Hassids!   No Photoshop, just Purim!     The Bikers and Hassidim make up!

Back to the Basics

Sorry for the lack of posts. The Hip Has gallery event really consumed my existence and it will be a while before more pictures of the art will be up with prices and… Continue reading

Williamsburg War Spills Onto Canvas

Posted By: Jordan Galloway  on NYPress Feb 13th 2010The hipsters and Hassids converging on the streets of Williamsburg have found little to agree on lately, as cultural differences and issues like bike lanes… Continue reading

Pictures from Hipsters and Hassids the Gallery Event

Thank you to everyone who was involved! Special thanks to Oh!Nuts, Chocolatewise, Anderson International Foods, Sloanenyc and my incredible team of helpers. More pictures on