Society’s Proud Parasites

April 8, 2010Article on The Jewish Press

Clash of the Bearded Ones

Hipsters, Hasids, and the Williamsburg street. By Michael Idov Published Apr 11, 2010 on On a windy Monday night, Pete’s Candy Store—a bar in Williamsburg with a railcar-shaped performance space in the… Continue reading


New York’s Chasidic rebels learn to be secular By Rebecca Schischa , April 8, 2010 “Right in the heart of Manhattan is an unusual refuge – a place where New York’s ‘Chasidic rebels’… Continue reading

Wigging Out as a Stereotype

Its a Wig! (My first time wearing one!) Today I was filmed for a music video dressed as a Satmar Chassidic woman. The video plays off of stereotypes that Jews and Muslims have… Continue reading

Hassidic Influence on Fashion

published by Richard Prime in Style on 7 April 2010 “The debut collection from Danish designers Christina Højris Ottosen and Jens Kold-Christensen of Uncommon Creatures channels the style of Brooklyn’s conventional Hasidic Jew.… Continue reading

Living in a conspiracy

After discussing global warming and brazing politics i realized that Chassidim believe everything outside of their comfort zone is a conspiracy. This is because they are a conspiracy. Its the same concept that… Continue reading

Guest Post: Landwar in Williamsburg

by Yoseph Leib Williamsburg belongs to who? Whoever holds out, eventually. That’s what my father maintains. The history of the land war in Williamsburg means a lot to me, as does the question… Continue reading

Why does it matter? Its normal to me

I often forget that people other than myself don’t see the similarities between hipsters and hassids as easily as I do. The struggle of extremism is so mundane in my eyes that there… Continue reading

Passover, oh how we remember…

What do hipsters and matza have in common? They are both thin and baked. During my early days studying art at Pratt Institute a classmate living near Bedford Avenue leaned over and asked… Continue reading

The Slowest Runner hosts Artt Nyte Party

Bushwick Loft: Gallery show on the walls, heartfull bands take the stage, a friendly crowd.The only hipsters I spotted were lurking in the graffitted hallway outside of the party. I’m just glad they… Continue reading