Pictures from the opening

check out all new pictures at if you missed the opening, we are having a closing party on June 24th from 7-10pm don’t miss out!

Hipsters and Hassids at Le Salon D’Art

Hipsters and Hassids  painting series at Le Salon d’Art May 25th-June 12th 90 Stanton Street New York, NY Gallery Opening Thursday May 27th 7-11pm RSVP on Facebook * Salon style evening * Live… Continue reading

Hassids work out at Hipster gym

The Jewish Week: Pumping Iron For The Payes Set In Williamsburg, chasids and hipsters are increasingly working out alongside one another. Tuesday, May 18, 2010 Sharon Udasin Taking a mid-afternoon break from running… Continue reading

Artwork in the heart of hasidic williamburg. Good for the stomach!

Noticing bigger wheels on strollers

Noticing bigger wheels on strollers on bedford avenue

2am, Hipsters Party and Hassidic Farbrengen

Holier Than Thou

“Das vas mir tar nit tar mir nit, das vas mir meg darf mir nit.” “That which is not allowed don’t do. That which you may, you don’t need to.” Just because its… Continue reading

Tablet Magazine: ‘Hipsters and Hasids’ Finds Parallels Between Two Worlds

Tablet Magazine Exhibit by Brooklyn artist on display now By Jenny Merkin  12:00 pm Apr 20, 2010   Last night’s weekly Monday night chevruta learners at the Aish center in New York City… Continue reading

Hipsters hate the Census

Stephen Colbert Praises Williamsburg Hipsters For Not Filling Out the Census Check it out: The census is a scary piece of paper that lets the federal government know you exist (besides paying… Continue reading

Gallery Opening Monday April 19th, 2010

 See the painting series in person on the Upper West Side opening at the Aish Center6-9:30pm313 W. 83rdNew York, NY $10 suggested for donation (no one will be turned away for lack of… Continue reading