Kosherfest 2009

Today I was at Kosherfest- the convention for all happenings in the kosher food world. Kosherfest showed meats, cheeses, wine, liquor, easy dinners, sauces and desserts. Nosherie of all kinds! Demonstrations were held… Continue reading

Interview at Book Thug Nation

Last night I went to an event by the Lecture Series hosted at Book Thug Nation, a new bookstore on N. 3rd St by Berry in Williamsburg. I interviewed one of the co-owners,… Continue reading

Lack of Information Dissemination

“Improving the dissemination of information through communication design and mobilizing public opinion, particularly amongst the younger generation, would lead to greater awareness and cooperation in solving the problems of international development.” – Steven… Continue reading

Freedom to See

“The styles by the women will always come from the mainstream. It will come from outside, through that way, from there, then Jewish people not Orthadox. And if its very bad, too fancy,… Continue reading

Talking About Hipsters

Interview with Isaac Schonfeld, founder of “Chulent”

Critical Thinking. Ya, but is it good for the Jews?

I met a simple Jew who really inspired me. He is a hassid who would never do anything to jeopardize his standing within the Satmar Hassidic community. But at the same time he… Continue reading

The Journey Continues

In this book I explore my love/hate relationship with the two aggressively dominating sides of Williamsburg being an artist and a religious Jew. This fascinating circumstance is a unique moment in time that… Continue reading