A Hassid called a webcam

A Hassid called a webcam a TV. Hipster asks why. Hassid replies, a TV is anything that we are not allowed to have.

Love of Smartphones. Hassids: smartph=

Love of Smartphones. Hassids: smartph= business. Hipster: instant blogging= friends. Business & friends more personal or impersonal?

Hipsters steal content constantly. They

Hipsters steal content constantly. They just call it retweeting.

Thanks! Giving

patlatitude: @AryeDworken Do Hassids celebrate Thanksgiving? The Jewish people have a day of Thanksgiving during the harvest season called “Sukkot” which dates back to Temple times in Israel. Thats the holiday where in… Continue reading

Foul Language

Hassidim don’t realize that the terms “hipster” and “yuppy” are usually deragatory terms– even if they are true.


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Don’t, Be Hating.

My favorite website for Hipster trashing is Look at this F**in Hipster. Now coming out to book 3/30/2010!  Pre-order on amazon. To balance out, my favorite website for finding things to kvetch about… Continue reading

A Mess of It

Hipsters on the streets strutting their stuff. Photography by Kristy Leibowitz Check out this photography exhibit up now in London on Hassidic Jewish Life.————————————————————————————————Great Tweets on Hipsters and Hassids: Mick_Shrimpton RT @MC_IZREAL When… Continue reading

The Book Club at Goodbye Blue Monday

(Bushwick) Under the JMZ train at Dekalb Avenue Darwin’s Origion of Species celebrated its 150th birthday at Goodbye Blue Monday. The Hipster hangout and combination coffee shop, bar and art space, got together… Continue reading

Two Types of Hipster

Sophisticated Posers vs. Artists and Activists The term “Hipster” is often used as a derogatory term, even Hipsters love hating on Hipsters. Truthfully there are two types of Hipsters, who may have a… Continue reading