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The Greenstein Gallery Hosts Hipsters and Hassids

Hipsters and Hassids and other Judaic works The Art of Elke Reva Sudin Live Exhibition Presented by the Greenstein Gallery July 11-July 30th, 2011 Upcoming Reception: Saturday July 23rd, 11pm meet and greet the artist. Greenstein Gallery |… Continue reading

I’ll Take the One in the Toiben

Update: 6/28/2012   Hipsters and Hassids are rubbing off on each other. First it was the fedoras, now the toibens. The first time I saw a Chassidish woman’s head covering (the popular turban… Continue reading

Culture Hopping in a Fedora

Via NYtimes SPOTTING a Borsalino, a black wide-brimmed felt fedora, in the traditionally Jewish section of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is no strange thing. What was surprising was the wearer: Theophilus London, a hip-hop artist… Continue reading

Thou Shal Wear Plastic Glasses

Leaders of the Vizhnitz Hasidism have issued new instructions in regards to the purchase of eyeglasses, as part of their attempt to combat modernization. – The first point of irony is that… Continue reading

Urban Frumfitters: Hipster Corporate fashion Mimics Hassidic Hair Covering

Hey all, its been a long time since updating but I’ve been busy! Checkout JewishArtNow and and you’ll see what I mean. I am so excited to see the Satmar Chassidic influence… Continue reading

Cover of Prattfolio Magazine

One of my Hipsters and Hassids paintings made it to the cover of Prattfolio Magazine!

Artwork in the heart of hasidic williamburg. Good for the stomach!

Noticing bigger wheels on strollers

Noticing bigger wheels on strollers on bedford avenue

2am, Hipsters Party and Hassidic Farbrengen

Holier Than Thou

“Das vas mir tar nit tar mir nit, das vas mir meg darf mir nit.” “That which is not allowed don’t do. That which you may, you don’t need to.” Just because its… Continue reading