I’ll Take the One in the Toiben

Update: 6/28/2012

Prada comes out with a line of jewel-toned turbans.


Hipsters and Hassids are rubbing off on each other. First it was the fedoras, now the toibens.

The first time I saw a Chassidish woman’s head covering (the popular turban style, for around the house wear and going to the grocery store) was over a year ago. I thought it was a fluke, an old person’s things were given away that somehow landed in Beacon’s Closet.

Both groups are definitely rubbing off on each other. Hipsters find chassidim fascinating (which many Chassidim can’t comprehend) and if you really ask, the Chassidim find hipsters fascinating as well. More recently it became fashionable to wear the headcoverings of each other’s sides.

You may expect the ethno-interested scarf stylings in stores wrapped in creative ways, but they are also selling the same turbans that are sold in Hassidic tichel and head covering stores. I’ve seen at least one hipster chick crossing the street with an interesting ‘do topped with a turban like this one above, and it makes you look twice.