Living in a conspiracy

After discussing global warming and brazing politics i realized that Chassidim believe everything outside of their comfort zone is a conspiracy.

This is because they are a conspiracy. Its the same concept that tricksters always believe they are being taken advantage of because they are conscious of their own tricks.

The globaly conscious types do the research to make actual changes in the world. The non-environmentally conscious Chassidim think that the effects of industrialization can not be linked to what goes on in the world. They have so much belief that God runs everything so its up to God whether the world turns or not. Its true that in Judaism God “breaths life” into existence into every second. But God also gives us a body and you can choose to treat it badly or to use it and take care of it. Our bodies are like a rental car and the world is our highway.

One day, perhaps, these Chassidim will believe that the ice caps are melting (just because we have harsh winters doesn’t mean its not getting warmer in here).

Solution: Chassidim should go back to being farmers. Develop the land, not for pricey apartments, but for growing food. Then you will see how the seasons have been messed with and understand why the rainy summer last year severely damaged my Brooklyn balcony garden.