Why does it matter? Its normal to me

I often forget that people other than myself don’t see the similarities between hipsters and hassids as easily as I do. The struggle of extremism is so mundane in my eyes that there is nothing to discuss at all. There is also the question of who is this for and why should anyone care?

I would bet most of America is completely unaware of hipsters as being the current trendy creative types and the Hassidic groups of Ultra-Orthadox Jews who are such signature characters of New York City.

It becomes tiresome to explain myself to those who have no source of reference. My dual extreme artistic and religious self do not make any sense out in middle America.

When it comes down to it though if I ever left I would miss out on all the humor that arises when you mix completely different philosophical groups together which throw them further and further away from each other, just to prove how different they are, only to come back to where they started, striving for creative/spiritual expression.

And how else would I remember to do the same for myself?