Williamsburg War Spills Onto Canvas

Posted By: Jordan Galloway  on NYPress Feb 13th 2010
The hipsters and Hassids converging on the streets of Williamsburg have found little to agree on lately, as cultural differences and issues like bike lanes created conflict between the two groups in the North Brooklyn neighborhood. And while whether or not riding your bike naked down Bedford Avenue is appropriate remains an issue both sides will never agree on, hipsters and Hassids will at least find some common ground this weekend, even if it’s only on canvas as part of artist Elke Reva Sudin’s latest art exhibition at Workman’s Circle Building tonight. (Check out a slide show of her work after the jump.)

Sudin found all the inspiration she needed for her latest project being a young Jewish artist living near Williamsburg, which is how the idea of creating a show centered on the cultures of hipsters and Hassids came about in the first place. And even though she doesn’t see herself as belonging to either group all together, Sudin says she can sympathize with both sides….

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