Back to the Basics

Sorry for the lack of posts. The Hip Has gallery event really consumed my existence and it will be a while before more pictures of the art will be up with prices and so forth. Check out the nice press and pics on and talk to people who went, it was crazzzy.

I also apologize for the lack of postings on hipsters. Their existence has just been such an overwhelming detriment to our society that I try to block it out. Today I was really feeling the need for a grunge revival to counteract the obnoxiousness, but then again a 90’s revival is just what hipsters are into these days.

The weekend of my big gallery event one of my closest friends came to town to the see the spectacle and asked, “Elke, this may sound stupid but, whats a hipster?” Unlike most people who claim to not know what a hipster is, and who really are hipsters themselves, this friend is not. Not at all. Thank God.

My advice to all those who look up to hip young folks living the dream. Don’t buy into it. Pleeeeaase. Its really really aggravating. If you are grunge at heart, hippie at heart, or anything authentic at heart, I have no qualms. Be who you are and don’t give a flying shtreimel what other people think. Those people are probably posers. My question is, why do so many people agree to be anti-Hipster when they buy into all the shmaltz?

Purim is upon us and its time get all the masks out there, and get so drunk as to not know the difference between Hip and Has. After that I think we could all use a little Passover cleaning and rid ourselves of the overbearing nonsensicle attitude and superficial flair that is eating away at our culture with its unabiding viciousness for criticism and narcissism, egotism and meta destruction.

Phew. I needed to vent.