Quiet appreciation

Hassids have a very quiet and modest way of showing affection. A couple could be sitting still, silent, without a word, yet be sharing an apprecitation for the other with a whole heart.

There are social codes in the hipster courtship ritual that remind me of this quiet appreciation. This is not to say that hipsters can not be loud and forward with their emotions.

Hassidic Jews also have very open ways of channeling affection, but they are a bit different. Instead of public displays of affection with the opposite gender , where there is a chance of impropriety, Hassidim will opt for showing their love to a family member of the same gender. For instance, at a wedding, they will dance like crazy with the sibling of the loved one, channeling that raw emotion into song and dance, while keeping a level of modesty true to the nature of the community’s standards.

Song and dance is fun but listening can show more love is than words.