Rockin Out with my Williamsburg Hassidic Chicks at Hipster New Years Party

Don’t ask me how, but I ended up at THE Hipster scene party, at 3rd Ward, in Bushwick, with a couple of girl friends from Hassidic Williamsburg.

I would show you the awesome pictures of us on our night on the town, but that would give away their identities.

As I sat on the top of a net, performers on stage counted down to the new year. Masses of young people like myself spread out before me and I could only wonder, “what brings them here?” Honestly I don’t see what is so intriguing about the party. Its just a lot of people wedged in a room, not really dancing, just kind of being there, with their friends in that Hipsterish kind of way. There is not much interaction between groups of people, and it seemed like everyone was trying to get somewhere else, where the real scene is. Supposedly.

The whole thing was a major fire hazzard and I was glad I got out early. If anyone stayed out later and something cool went on, please comment.

What also intrigued me was the lack of substances used. You would think that if you cram hundreds of 20 somethings into a warehouse that they must be high to enjoy the combination of loud music, and lack of oxygen. The whole experience just does not seem quite entertaining, or directed enough.

My Hassidic friend inquired as to what I do for fun if not this. That is the same question I have noticed for so long. The Williamsburg Hassidim think that because their Hipster neighbors party in warehouses, that everyone enjoys the club scene.

I paused… it honestly took me a minute, until I realized what I do to get friends together for a good time. I host Shabbos dinners. Sabbath meals. Friday night, Jewish day of rest and by rest we mean living in the present, not working towards the future or worrying about the past. Everything is taken care of before sundown so we can just be.

My husband and I love to rock the Shabbos dinner party. Rated best of 2009 by Hip-hop artist Y-Love, we take the traditional order of the meal and make it ours.

Here is a shout-out to Birthright Next for making it possible for us to host 16, even 18 into our tiny apartment, because of their sponsorship program.

What better way to have a good time then friends, home cooked food, l’chaims (drinks/toasts), words of wisdom, and the amazing things that come with inviting interesting people into your home and mixing them with other interesting people.

I hope to continue this as long as I can. It really makes a difference and I’ve seen the positive change on people’s lives. What can you say to that 3rd Ward?

All in all, its twentyten, a year of prosperity, unity, and reaching new heights.
The future is yours to make, so make it a good one! (Back to the Future reference)