Trendy Scarf Vs. Tallis

I smell a parallel!

There are a whole new line of hipsters scarves out on the market and the real question is, how do they compare to the ultimate scarf, the tallis?

An obsession with scarves comes from the same childhood love for their safety blanket. Being wrapped in cloth reminds us being of swaddled as a baby, and it provides support needed to get by in a insecure, recession world.  

Hassid: “I also have a chain around my neck, its called my mother-in-law!”
Hipster: I also bring my blanket to work!
 New designs, like the Andtie scarf, is designed to be professional and stylish with a lot of comfort. Thus bringing legitimacy to wearing a blankey in the workplace and disguising it as a tie.
Headphones are now being incorporated into what appears to be the front of a sweatshirt take the ipod zombie look to the next level. 

What is interesting about this particular design is that is focuses on the front, more like the way a traditional tallis is worn. 

They just keep getting skinnier