Vacuum with an iPod dock – Hipster concept, but for Hassidic housewives?

A vacum cleaner that is more like a stereo/cleaning -made-fun solution made by Electrolux. Targeted towards young hip types who would rather dance to their ipod than clean house. I’m proposing that this product would be great for the Hassidic housewives stuck at home with the cleaning. The music could calm down the kids and give mom a little “me” time, granted that Tatie (dad) comes home with an ipod from B&H.

Since Hassidim would not be cool with listening to popular music, I am going to quote the results of using the vaccum to classical music

According to the participants, classical music made the act of vacuum cleaning feel pleasant and elegant. The music made them feel happy.
A total appraisal of the VPI shows that classical music is the best music overall for vacuum cleaning, with a combined score of 30. High values were given for all variables, but particularly for fortitude and precision.

Vacuum cleaning assisted by classical music is most suitable for:
Space: Middle‐sized to large
Furniture: Heavily furnished
Floor types: Wooden plank floor, concrete floor, difficult to clean carpets (i.e. Oriental carpets, long‐pile rugs)

Seems like a therapy free alternative to counciling for shalom bais (peace in the home).