Nude Cyclists Cover Up, Protesters “Blame the Weather”

Bicyclists who planned to go topless to protest the removal of a Brooklyn bike lane switched gears Saturday, pinning plastic breasts to their jackets as they rolled into a snowstorm.

Dozens of bikers joined a protest called the “Freedom Ride” to oppose the removal of a bike path in Williamsburg, an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood.

But the fierce snowstorm in New York kept them from pedaling topless as planned. – Myrightword

Protesting Cyclists vs. Chulent
 I sat in the comfort of my home that Shabbos, eating my chulent, and noshing on my home-made whole wheat challah as others protested despite the weather conditions. When it comes to schlepping out in the cold, (especially on the holy Shabbos) chulent wins over naked protests. But thats my personal preference.