Hipsters acting like Syrian-Greeks

Hipsters love the kitchy Americanization and xmasization of Chanukah. The history of the holiday is irrelevant when you can make fun of consumerizm by ironically buying the chatchkies, chocolate gelt, and play dreidel drinking games.

As a matter of fact, hipsters act more like the Syrian-Greeks in the story than the Jews. The Syrian-Greeks were hellenists, interested in intelectualism based in rationalism. They did not let the Jews do circumsicion, keep the sabbath, nor keep the Jewish calendar. These are all practices outside of the rational. Hipsters consider religious Jewish practice (especially by the Hassidim) to be irrational and stay away from that way of life.

In the story of Chanukah the Jews were outnumbered by the Syrian-Greeks and yet were able to defeat them because they acted outside of the rational.

What do you do that is actually inhibited by over analyzing to the point of creating rationalizations just to prove your point?