Thanks! Giving

patlatitude: @AryeDworken Do Hassids celebrate Thanksgiving?
The Jewish people have a day of Thanksgiving during the harvest season called “Sukkot” which dates back to Temple times in Israel. Thats the holiday where in Brooklyn you see a lot of huts with plants on top that it is customary to “dwell” in for 7 days. Dwelling includes eating your bubbie’s brisket and sleeping inside because sleeping outside in huts, in Brooklyn, is just not safe.
Principle #3: Thanksgiving Must Be Anti-Bloat and Anti-Traditional. For hipsters, Thanksgiving is a necessary evil—an obsolete tradition rooted in revisionist history and one that asks us to indulge in backward eating habits. Piling an incoherent amalgam of food slop on a plate and eating until one is debilitated is definitely anti-hipster. But Thanksgiving is also a time for hipsters to gather and enjoy a sense of “shared experience,” a favorite term for hipsters. To make Thanksgiving cool, hipsters avoid turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie and other ingredients that constitute the “eating clichés of the Herd” and demonstrate that one is shackled to close-minded provincialism. A more open-minded, cosmopolitan hipster Thanksgiving feast might feature home-made sushi, Okinawan purple sweet potatoes, miso collard greens and Ichigo Daifuku sweet cakes. Faring international food at one’s Thanksgiving table is conclusive evidence that one is enlightened enough to see the folly of the traditional Thanksgiving, but warm-hearted and magnanimous enough to seize any opportunity to embrace a time when family and friends bond and get together.  – Hipster Eating Code from Herulodge