A Mess of It

Hipsters on the streets strutting their stuff. Photography by Kristy Leibowitz

Check out this photography exhibit up now in London on Hassidic Jewish Life.
Great Tweets on Hipsters and Hassids:

Mick_Shrimpton RT @MC_IZREAL When I’m on stage, it’s a dope Hassidic vision – and I’m so hard core, I had a second circumcision.

joshzepps Hassidic Jews are great with plastic bags. This guy on the subway has a phone, a burrito, a hat & a clock, all in separate little bags. Nice

ROBNSTEELBRAND U wish u were a hipster.

huertanix Watching Flakes; Mediocre writing, embedded RIAA propoganda, and so hipster it hurts.

clontz At starbucks working on novel like some kind of urban hipster.


A quote on Hipster Irony from Encyclopedia Dramatica
Hipster Irony, as it is called, determines irony as being a self-awareness of one’s behavior, insofar as that behavior is incongruent with what is expected and what actually occurs. 

Check out this dictionary on Hipster Slang. Some samples: 

STRAIGHT FROM THE FRIDGE = cool (obviously)
KNOW YOUR GROCERIES = Be hip, aware, alert to the situation.