Two Types of Hipster

Sophisticated Posers vs. Artists and Activists

The term “Hipster” is often used as a derogatory term, even Hipsters love hating on Hipsters. Truthfully there are two types of Hipsters, who may have a similiar look and lifestyle, but the motivation is completely different.

Hipsters, aka “sophisticated posers” (as called by Seth Bronstein of Hassid meets Hipster) follow the counter-culture scene for self-fulfillment. They take elements of leading a trendy lifestyle such as materialism and social gatherings and use them for feeding their ego.

The Artist or Activist Hipster uses materialism and social gathering for the benefit of others- bringing good things to society.

They may look similar but this is an important distinction. As much as its fun to show how arrogant, insular, and trend-following the Scenester-Hipsters can be, it can also make the do-gooders out there look bad.